Miguel Martinez is a SIX Time French cyclist specializing in competitive cross-country mountain biking. 

Dominating in XC racing amongst the juniors and so won his first World Championships, this was as well as an impressive 3rd place at the Cyclocross Championships.  By the time Martinez had won his gold medal at Sydney in 2000 he had won two World Cup Series, Three World XC Championships as well as a Cyclocross Championship,  two European Championships medals and a bronze medal at the 1996 Olympics at Atlanta.



Nelson brings a lot of talent and long-time expertise to the tea. As a retired road and track cyclist from the United States. He rode as a professional from 1988 to 1995 representing the USA at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California, where he won the silver medal in the sprint, behind countryman Mark Gorski. Vails was the first African-American cyclist to win an Olympic medal and he was inducted to the US Bicycle Hall of Fame in 2009.


Conceived after decades of experience in the bicycle and electric bike industry, Future Velo is bringing a premium line of Direct-to-Consumer eBikes to market. Electric road, mountain, and gravel bicycles will be designed and marketed in collaboration with former professional cyclist, and World and Olympic Champions.



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